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Chairman : M. I. Alam

Secretary : Manoj Kumar

Sl. No. Committee Name Members Shri/ Ms. Contact Details Email ID Meeting Frequency Remarks
1 Advisory Committee Cum Steering Committee Dr. A.K. Chatterjee Chairman 8757121109 Bi monthly or as per need from January 2022? 1.Seniormost member present in the meeting will chair the meeting
Er. A.K. Saxena, 9771436702
Er. Chandrakant Raipat 9431115362 9771436702 Objective is to Provide constructive suggestions / advise for better running of the State Centre.
Er. Shivanand Roy 7739852737
Er. Sanjay Sen 9470193680
Er. Siyaranjan Kumar Singh 9431173254
Er. Avijit Ghosh 9431107896
Er. SP Singh 9470562051
Er. B C Roy 9431707832
Er. Prashant Deva 9430122408
Er. Rana S. Chakraborty 9431706979
Er. Shashank Kumar 8527770235
Er. Indranil Sen 9431101039
Er. Manik Mukhopadhyay 9434011352
Er. M R Kumar 7013806680
Er.Jitendra Kumar, 9470193683
Er. M. I. Alam, Convenor 9431382798
Er. Manoj Kumar. Co-convenor 9819316438
2 Infrastructure, Campus Development, Building Construction & Maintenance Committee Er. Praveen Kumar Jha, Chairman 9431115783 1. January, April, July & 1. Prepare plans for beautification, maintenance, upkeep and additions required for the buildings and structures.
Er. R. J. Singh 9934105892 October
Er. Ashish Kumar Gupta 9431927150 2. As per need
Er. Md. Shakir 9162711894
Er. Onkar Nath,Convenor 7004400284
3 Finance Committee Er. M. I. Alam, Chairman 9431382798 1. January, April, July & 1. Study Grants received from HQ and prepare Budget
October 2 Prepare guidelines for Fiscal Management for discussions in Executive Committee.
Er. M R Kumar 7013806680 2. As per need 3. Prepare proposal for obtaining grants from HQ.
Er. Sudhir Kumar 9013521849 4. Provide suggestions for improvement of Finances
Er. Manoj Kumar, Convenor 9819316438
4 E-Disha, Website, Communication, Public Relation &Centres Co-ordination Commitee Er. Manoj Kumar 8987784185 1. Monthly 1. Wide publicity of events (specially press and media).
Chairman 2. As per need from January 2022 2. Based on the activities carried out prepare matter for publication of e Disha
Er. N.P.Srivastava 8986871946 3. Co-ordination between State and local centres.
Er. Probal Ghosh 9234511137
Dr. Satyendra Kumar Singh 9431125005
Er. Gautam Kumar 9312885242
Er. Vishal H. Shah 9471503579
Er. Priyank Kumar 9470137267
Er. Ashish Kumar Gupta 9431927150, 8340370514
Er. K.K.Singh 8986880290
Er. Aejaz Ahmad 9425390584
Er. Aziz Ahmad 8789193911
Er. Md. Imran Jawed Convenor 9708547399
5 Technicians Chapter , Students Chapter, AMIE Exams & Library Committee Er. R K Kanshi,Chairman 9431392111 Bi monthly or as per need from January 2022? 1. Planning activities of Technicians Chapter , Students Chapter.
2. Procurement of books for Library and Library Maintenance..
Dr. Ajay Singh 9031450087 3. Conduct of AMIE Examination as per guidelines provided by HQ.
Er. M.K. Gupta, MTI 9431129589
Er. Joyjeet Ghose 9431927425
Er. Rohit Kataruka 9431118467
Er. Harun Ansari,Convenor 8986891407
6 Technical Programmes and Awards Committee Er. Shivanand Roy Chairman 7739852737 Bi monthly or as per need from January 2022? 1. Plan for technical programmes in line with requirements for criteria for Best State Center Award.
Er. Jayant Chakraborty 9798974365 2. Discuss and decide upon awards. Prepare a proposal for deliberation in Executive Committee
Er. M K Gupta 9431129589
Er. P B Sudhakar 9431173172
Er. Sunny Buddhiraja 9608925286
Er. Vishal H Shah 9471503579,
Dr. Ajay Singh 9031450087
Er.S.C.Vishwakarma 9431587828
Er. Joyjeet Ghose 9431927425
Er. Priyam Mitra 9771911065
Er. Lokesh Ranjan 9471341236
Er. A. Rajasekaran,Convenor 9431768283
7 Senior Engineers Committee Er. N K Roy Chairman 9973724096 Bi monthly or as per need from January 2022? 1.�Seniormost person present will Chair the meeting.
Er. M S Jaruhar 9835164483
Er. A.K. Saxena 9771436702 To organise meetings of Senior engineers from various organisations , organise technical talks, sharing experiences, Meeting with Government officials to extend support and advice.
Er. Avijit Ghosh 9431107896
Er. Shivanand Roy 7739852737
Er. Siyaranjan Kumar Singh 9431173254
Er. M. I. Alam 9431382798
Er. Manoj Kumar 9819316438
Er. Prashant Deva 9430122408
Er. Aejaz Ahmad 9425390584
Er. Jitendra Kumar, Convenor 9470193683
8 Women Engineers Committee Er. Shilpi Ranjan, Chair Person 9431366925 Bi monthly or as per need from January 2022? To organise a meeting of Women engineers from various organisations and arrange technical talks, identifying topics for discussion, etc.
Er. Sweta CCL 8987787652
Er. Saroj Kumari 9798530732
Er. Arpita Anna Barla 8292901787
Er. Shweta Kumari 7631741789
Er. Nargish Begam, Convenor 8987456246
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